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Fenbendazole Oral Suspension 5%

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Each ml contains:

Fenbendazole: 50mg

Excipients ad: 1ml


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Fenbendazole belongs to the anthelmintics class of drugs and is chiefly indicated for the prevention of gastrointestinal parasites in animals. It is effective for the treatment of certain types of hookworm, whipworm, roundworm and tapeworm infections in dogs. The active ingredient in the medication, febendazole, works by inhibiting the energy metabolism of the disease-causing parasite. The anthelminthic property of the component provides fast remedy to gastro-intestinal and respiratory tract infections. Panacur is also used as an ovicidal to kill nematode eggs.

Administration and Dosage

For oral administration only.

Cattle: 7.5 mg fenbendazole per kg bodyweight. (7.5 ml per 50 kg (1 cwt) bodyweight)

Sheep: 5.0 mg fenbendazole per kg bodyweight. (1 ml per 10 kg (22lb) bodyweight)

Give the recommended dose by mouth using standard dosing equipment. Dosing may be repeated at required intervals. Do not mix with other products.

Side Effect

None known.

Withdrawal Times

Cattle (meat & offal): 12 days

Sheep (meat & offal): 14 days

Cattle (milk): 5 days

Do not use in sheep producing milk for human consumption.


Store below 25ºC, in a cool and dry place, and protect from light.

For Veterinary UseOnly , Keep out of reach of children

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