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Iron Dextran Injection 10%

Short Description:


Each ml contains:

Iron (as iron dextran): 100mg

Excipients ad: 1ml


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Iron dextran is used for prophylactic and treatment of by iron deficiency caused anaemia in piglets and calves. Parenteral administration of iron has the advantage that the necessary amount of iron can be administered in one single dosage.


Prophylactics and treatment of anaemia in piglets and calves.


Administration to animals with vitamin E deficiency.

Administration to animals with diarrhoea.

Administration in combination with tetracyclines, because of the interaction of iron with tetracyclines.

Side Effects

Muscle tissue is coloured temporarily by this preparation.

Leaking of injection fluid can cause a persistent discoloration of skin.

Administration and Dosage

For intramuscular or subcutaneous administration:

Calves: 4 - 8 ml subcutaneous, in the first week after birth.

Piglets: 2 ml intramuscular, 3 days after birth.

Withdrawal Times



Store below 25ºC, in a cool and dry place, and protect from light.

For Veterinary UseOnly , Keep out of reach of children

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