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Albendazole Bolus 300mg

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Each bolus contains: Albendazole 300mg

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Albendazole Tablet 300mg is a benzimidazole anthelmintic. This mode of action is similar to other benzimidazole anthelmintics. Albendazole is an effective anthelmintic; it is well absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract and has little side-effects. Peak plasma concentration can be reached in 2-4 hours after administration, and can maintain for up to 15-24 hours. Albendazole is mainly excreted through urine, 28% of administered dose would be excreted within 24 hours, and 47% in 9 days.


1 Long-term continuous use can cause drug resistance and crossed drug resistance.
2 Do not use during pregnancy. Especially for the first 45 days of pregnancy.


Administration in the first 45 days of gestation.

Side Effects

Normal therapeutic dose will not cause any major visible side-effects in cattle or other big animals;
small animals such as dogs when given the maximum dose may present anorexia.
Cats may present hypersomnia, depression and anorexia.


Albendazole Tablets Sheep
For horses: 5-10mg/kg of body weight for oral dosing
For cattle, sheep and goats: 10-15mg/kg of body weight for oral dosing

Withdrawal Times

cattle 14 days, sheep and goats 4 days, 60 hours after weaning.


keep in closed and sealed containers.
Shelf-life: three years

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